The first foster. The first dog. The first night. It’s all new, all discovery, all butterflies and stars. It’s like a first date.

And certainly, Baxter lays on the charm rather like a first date. He’s already given both of us facefuls of kisses and slept on both our laps. Played with every toy twice and accepted treats with the gentleness and grace of a gentleman, even at his tender age. Was pretty easily tempted into a sit, and learned with quickness that mobbing the hand doesn’t earn any treats, but if he waits politely they soon are handed to him.

He pulls on the lead and needs to learn his basic commands but he’s an eager pupil, with a lot of people focus and motivated by both toys and treats. I don’t think he’s going to be even as much trouble as the average spaniel puppy, let alone as much trouble as many terrier pups! Which is not to say we aren’t anticipating challenges, but whether the uncertainty and the newness or he’s really just that angelic, he’s giving us a first date to remember.

That come-hither look


2 responses to “Arrival!

  1. Hey there, it’s baubledream from lj – following you here now! 🙂

    He is absolutely stunning, and I’m not surprised he’s picking up things fast: he’s got JRT in him! One thing to remember is that quick brain can just as easily learn the things you don’t want him to learn in just a few times. He might be being on his best behaviour now, and start trying to get away with things soon just to see exactly what he can and can’t do!

    How long do you think you’ll have him? 🙂

  2. Thanks! 😀

    Well, he’s not officially available for adoption until after he’s been neutered and been with us for at least two weeks so we have a more accurate evaluation of his personality and needs.

    Guarded pre-analysis instinct on this so far: I don’t honestly think we’ll even have him a full month. He’s trouble, but it’s all very typical puppy trouble, at least up to this point (bearing in mind it’s just his first few days of course so the honeymoon isn’t quite over!). If that keeps up, anyone who is prepared to put in the work a puppy requires and suits the personality of a terrier would be happy to have him. We’ll see how things shape up!

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