Of Blogs and Sharing

Sophie of the Court of Tails has generously shared our burgeoning blog with her followers by offering us an award! I’m pretty tickled, that’s a major vote of confidence. 😉 A big thank you!




Since I’m unsure who created the original image and concept for the award, I’ve linked it to Sophie’s post in which she shared it with me. My motivation for that is twofold, though. She’s got a list there of ten others with whom she has shared the award. I do believe that is customary for recipients of this lovely honor. What a great idea, a swell way to get to know more awesome bloggers, and share and encourage the work of your favorites! But I’m pretty new to this. The only blog I follow that she doesn’t already list will be my sole recipient. So for a proper list of 10, check out Sophie’s picks.

My sole recommendation: The Spotted Tongue, where you can view the lovely Dahlia, who lives with a stellar photographer quite dedicated to Dahlia both as an artistic subject and a best friend.

Thanks for enjoying our words as much as we enjoy yours!



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