Crate Expectations

We’ve had quite a saga trying to organize a crate for Baxter. I really wanted one, because I’m a big fan of doggies sleeping in their own beds except on invitation (or in case of thunderstorms, where I made an exception for Eppy), and of being able to safely contain a dog when needed (especially important because we rent) and of the kind of training one can do more easily with a crate. With this in mind I set about trying to obtain one once we were sure we had a dog coming our way. We are on a budget so I knew I’d need to find one at a deal if at all possible but I didn’t think it would be that hard. If only I had known.

I looked in all the shops that were close by. About 6 or 7 shops in all, some pet stores, some just stores that had sections with pet things. All the crates and traveling cases available were ridiculously expensive and/or ridiculously tiny. I advertised on the local Freegle, with the expected result (silence). Nothing daunted, I looked on Ebay, and promptly lost the auction of the only one I could find that seemed reasonable and didn’t have the dread label Pick Up Only (I don’t have a car– why oh WHY is there not a way to filter this the heck out of searches on Ebay?).  I contacted the rescue and someone said they had a spare one they’d send me. The courier lost it. Inquiries were made but I never heard from anyone about it again so I don’t know what became of it.

I was getting desperate. Baxter had a habit of sleeping on my feet rather than next to them that left my legs cramped and uncomfortable by morning and the constant supervision required without one had me worried he’d start to develop separation anxiety if he was ever left alone. Not to mention it was exhausting! Tethering was providing a partial solution but we really needed a crate. So I went back to Ebay and finally found one that was affordable from a shop that specialized in selling them new. The sale went off without a hitch and the crate arrived– and it was ENORMOUS. At least twice the size I was expecting, and wanting.

I was in something of a bind. I needed the crate. I didn’t want to bother trying to exchange for a smaller, I couldn’t do without one any longer. I didn’t even know if such an exchange would be possible. The mistake, after all, was mine, in so grossly misjudging what the size of the darned thing would be (I’d tried to get an idea with a ruler but I don’t know what the heck I screwed up, used the mm side maybe, when it was in inches).

So I kept the behemoth. I could fit a couple of German Shepherds in the darned thing. It serves its purpose but it is unwieldy, takes up the whole bloody bedroom, the doors are awkward to use, and it’s heavy, and also too big to easily move and too big to fit in the study, so moving it back and forth such that he’d be able to be crated but within sight of us for times he wasn’t wanting to settle was now off the options list.  Thankfully it folds and fits under the bed for between dogs, but ugh, that this is what I have to work with for our fosters is a bit disappointing. Rather than fitting into the current flat and my plans, I have to adapt around it. A bit like bringing a terrier into a household of inactive bookworms I suppose, only more annoying because it wasn’t an adaptation I’d planned for and there’s no cuteness or cuddles to make up for it!

When we’re in a better financial position I’m donating the monstrous item to the rescue and getting one that has nicer doors and is a more manageable flipping size. Bah!


2 responses to “Crate Expectations

  1. Have you tried If you sign up (it’s free for the basic acc – you can contact sellers who’ve had things listed for 10+ days), you can look for ‘crate’, prioritising local adverts. I’ve gotten a couple of things off of preloved before, and most of them are happy to deliver if you pay petrol fees. They seem to be around £25 on there, whilst Lola’s cost something like £40 from a pet shop locally.

    You could have a glance on there and see if there’s a nicely priced one, and then sell yours after. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tip! Once we are a little more stable with our income I will probably do just that. As it is I think we might even have to take a hiatus on fostering until the business picks up a bit. I don’t really like the idea much because I hate the emptiness of the house without critters in it but at least we still have Yeti the hamster… Bah, oh life! We’ll get there.

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