Monthly Archives: August 2011

New Home For Baxter!


Here he is on his way! We’re so ecstatic for him. I never thought he would have missed other dogs around so much but he must have, because I’ve never seen him so happy as he was playing with Pickle (the lovely girl on the right, and my goodness what a resemblance!). He seems to just adore her. The couple were very very nice. I’m hoping for lots of happiness for all of them for years to come.

Going into the house after was a strange thing. It’s so… QUIET.

Scuttlebutt from the rescue is that we have a new foster waiting for us when we  get back from our holiday– an older dog this time. I’m looking forward to it!



We had some visitors interested in Baxter, who didn’t end up going home with him. He got very excited by their toddler, and his barking terrified her. So while he loves kids, he’s not really… appropriate for anyone who isn’t big enough to take a few knocks. The little jock.

So new visitors are coming tomorrow! They’re bringing their dog to meet him (in the street first!). I’m hopeful but guarded. He gets along great with most of the dogs he meets, but some seem to excite him, so we’ll see how they do together. As long as that goes well the match should be ideal– their other dog is a terrier too!

We’re simultaneously: totally happy and hopeful for Baxter, totally relieved to be relieved of one of our responsibilities in this time of thinly stretched resources for us, totally missing the puppy cuddles already, and totally guilty that we’re glad to see the back of him. XD Sounds about right I suppose.

We’ll let you know how it goes!