Emergency Serendipity

Well, we were hoping for another dog! A pity it happened in such sad, dire circumstances. But for now, the pitter patter of clawed feet once again chases the silence from our flat.

Ellie on the couch

We don’t know very much about her. I got an urgent call that we had an emergency and this dog needed moving, stat. So I said “sure” without much hesitation. It was only with time that the doubts mounted, but I felt way too much concern for the whole situation to back out. “We’ll take her on and see how she does,” my partner and I decided, “and if for some reason it’s not working out we’ll ask to have her moved.”

So that’s that. Trial period with a dog called Ellie. So far so good! She’s very laid back in the house and sleeps most of the day. Much more our speed at the moment than the energetic puppy, that’s for sure! As long as she’s okay being left while we’re at work and nothing crops up out of the blue that we can’t handle, it looks like we’ve got another foster!


2 responses to “Emergency Serendipity

  1. (You have my couch!)

    Poor Ellie. It sounds like she’s been through a lot? Good on you guys for helping her!

  2. Yeah she came from the pound, had a big lump on her tummy that had to be removed, and then got moved to another foster as she wasn’t getting on with one of her carer’s other dogs. The second foster home she landed in fit her like a glove and she was loved there, even by the other dogs, but they had a family emergency. Hopefully she won’t need to be moved from here (unless the second foster wants her back once family stuff is taken care of) as I think she’s probably been through enough– though to her credit, she just sort of slides into wherever she happens to be without much fuss. She’ll make somebody a great match! She needs more vetting before she’s ready to be rehomed though.

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