Monthly Archives: December 2011

Moving on…

Ellie was moved to another foster home after she recovered. She’s a swell girl and we were sad to see her go but things have been changing around here and we aren’t able to meet her needs at this time. I have been quiet here on the blog because of the changes… I’ve preferred to spend some time contemplating before making a new post.

We’re definitely still fostering but taking a breather for now. We’ll have another when things are less hectic and we’re able to devote more time! I’m busy and frankly, overwhelmed, and starting to really feel it. The stress relief of having a dog around is pretty well negated by the stress of responsibility for acclimating a new dog into our home.

We’ve learned a lot from Baxter and Ellie that I’m looking forward to taking into our new experiences with all the fosters to come. I’m also learning more about myself as a dog owner and my preferences for what doggie traits fit and don’t in our life, which is helpful in taking in foster dogs we are sure to succeed with as well as helping me find types to consider for our future forever dog. And someday when we do have a dog of our own again, that dog will help us raise our fosters!

So there will be more posts (and hopefully, more regularly than this), but for now I would consider the blog on hiatus as much as our fostering… simply because there isn’t as much to talk about without the patter of little paws around the place. 😉