Busy times, and other excitements.

We’ve still got the foster ratties, and they’re an adorable, engaging pair. It’s been especially rewarding to watch the extremely shy Darby blossom a little. 

On the home front, we’ve been immersed in trying to launch our careers, a difficult endeavor for any couple starting out made a little more daunting by a difficult economic atmosphere. It’s meant a downturn in a lot of my presence online, as some of my projects have to give way for others. I try to maintain a balance in what I have going on which means there is nearly always something on the shelf waiting for its proper time to have a season in the sun.

I haven’t been entirely pleased with that, as there are a couple of projects I’d hoped to be able to upkeep more regularly, and the foster blog was one of them. But with so much to do, I would rather spend more of my time caring for them than writing about them when I have to choose.

Fostering is one of the last things to go when I consider which projects need to spend a little time collecting dust. Maybe even the very last thing. It’s nice to give back, it’s nice to feel needed, and having someone to nurture creates an eye in life’s stormy times. Hopefully we’ll see you all again soon, and more often. But it’ll have to wait for calmer seas. 


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