Goodbye, Hello!

Treguard and Lord Darbyshire have moved on to greener pastures, and in their place we’re giving cuddles to a trio of very young, small rat babies we’ve decided to name for composers. There’s something pleasing in giving artsy, sophisticated names to itty-bitty baby animals in all their silly cuteness, somehow.

Introductions! We’ll go from biggest to smallest, I think.


So far, the least flighty, scatterbrainy, and hyperactive of the three. Takes measured inventory of his surroundings, has a treat, walks about sniffing, all in all a very respectable character. I’m sure his time will come. These are just like, baby babies. About palm sized. Pretty soon I’ll catch him hanging off the chandeliers with the other two.


The middle sized one, looks very similar to Chopin in markings except that he has a white tip on his tail. He seems to be a very sensual little rat, loves life, gets very INTO experiences. He jumped up on the water bottle, we handed him a treat, he got so full of squinty-eyed pleasure eating it that he fell off and almost rolled downstairs. XD Then he jumped back up there and suddenly the exhaustion of existence overcame him all at once (though he’d been napping minutes earlier) and he almost fell asleep right there, which is how I got this adorable snap. Life: it’s where and when you live it. Gustav is a tiny Zen master.


Deus is BUSY, you guys. There are THINGS. Things to look at, things to do, and ooh! a piece of food, I’m going to pick it up in my mouth and take it over here to- ooh! a thing to sniff, put food down, sniff thing, what was I doing? Ooh!

He is the smallest of the three and feels the need to follow the other two around and alternately try to either hump them or pin them down and wash them so forcefully they squeak.

This is going to be FUN. ;D


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