The Latest “Grads”

So Chopin, Amadeus, and Gustav (the Fiddlers Three, as I like to refer to them, even though of the three composers I’m fairly certain only Chopin played the violin) have “graduated” and are hopefully moving on this weekend! Our rescue coordinator was really happy with how they’ve blossomed and that made us feel wonderful.

We’ll get some of their littermates to love on and we hope they’ll soon be just as tame as these three, who are happy to be picked up, and don’t even mind being lifted from above. We can touch them anywhere– faces, feet, tummies, nothing bugs them, and they just generally enjoy being fussed with. They crawl all over us (they especially love riding in sleeves, and practicing their “rat macramé” on my hair) and love nothing better than a good playtime running about and wrestling followed by running back up to us and climbing on us. I’m fairly sure they see people as live food-dispensing jungle gyms.

I made a silly video to “advertise” them, which is a bit terrible but I had a lot of fun with it:


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