Our Fair Ladies

I have been remiss in posting about our girlies, who we’ve had a fair while now. Things continue to be pretty hectic in our lives, but we’ve been enjoying the wonderful company of our first lady-rats: Elektra, Cordelia, Alice, and Hester.

Here we see Alice, who has a bit of a head tilt and always looks as though she’s dancing, and Cordelia, who is the group daredevil and into just everything.

And here’s Hester, who is Alice’s sister and the shyest rat of the group, and Elektra, who is our first dumbo rat, and also has the distinction of being rescued and brought to Paws by way of an exterminator who discovered her investigating a “rat problem” in someone’s garden. She’s very cuddly and gives lots of kisses.

We also lost our own little hamster boy, Yeti, who was 2 years old and loved life and food to the very last. RIP sweet one, we love you.

Best wishes to all for the new year and we’re hoping it’s a year with a lot more foster adventures and a lot of wonderful new changes for us. I wish the same to you!


One response to “Our Fair Ladies

  1. The ratlets look very cute (and Alice is a great name – not that I’m biased or anything!). Looking forward to more pictures of them.

    I’m sorry about Yeti.

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