Enter the Bunyip

We told our rescue coordinator about Yeti’s passing, and she hooked us up with a new resident for the empty hammie habitat. Our newest little monster, Bunyip! ❤

I was amazed at how pretty his markings are. The rescue knows very little about him. He came from a cruelty case, there were other pets in the home, that’s all that’s sure. His eyes are a bit crusty but have been treated and are apparently on the mend so we’re simply to keep an eye for now (pun not intended, for once). His coat looks a little lackluster, a bit thin in places and slightly dull, so hopefully TLC and good food will see him looking his best. We’ve got no idea how old he is. It’s clear he’s reached maturity– he is a BIG boy, half again the size of either of our other hams, very burly. Our new man is quite a hunk, obviously. XD He’s a tough ol’ boy too, a notch out of one ear and a neat round hole in the other. My partner says he’s just like Boss from Hamtaro!

His overall condition is good, he’s not underweight, has all his toes, and all the other signs of health but for the coat and the eye. He does seem to walk with just a bit of stiffness, to my eye, and for some reason, he drags his scrotum rather than keeping it tucked in as Yeti always did (I don’t know if that’s an individual hammie thing or what). I don’t know how much time we’re likely to have with him, but when we’ve got the gear and the empty arms and needy hams are in wont of homes, it’s just plain silly not to take another on. And we’re in love with him already, so he’ll spend whatever he’s got left lording it over the two saps he’s got wrapped around his paw.

One thing going for him, he’s very active. I put him in the upstairs bit to begin with so he knew where the food and water was, but he quickly discovered downstairs and rearranged all his furniture, made a nest, then went back up for a victory drink and a meal (with some olive oil sprinkled on top for that coat of his, which he enjoyed immensely). I have a feeling I’ll need to move his stairs around a lot so he can still get to the upper part! I’m glad being in a neglectful situation hasn’t dampened his spirits.

Then the big miracle happened. We decided to have him out to see what kind of handling he might have had and whether he’d allow us to wipe his eye clean with a damp cloth. He’s already tame! I’ve never, ever had a rodent I haven’t had to socialize. He takes being picked up and handled in stride and let us wipe his eye. He enjoyed peas and took them from our hands without an issue. He ran in the ball. He was very pleased with himself.

Here’s to a new beginning. I think Yeti would approve.


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