About This Blog

When the smoke cleared and the fog lifted, I realized that I had finally earned my Masters. I also realized:
~I’d been a student for over a decade (my entire adult life)
~I had made a transatlantic move and was living with my partner in England when before I had shied away from committing to any of my boyfriends
~Neither of us was any closer to figuring out for sure what we really wanted out of the journey of life
~I was lonely as hell and missed my dog.

With credentials like that, you might wonder why we made the decision to be a foster home for needy animals. But for us it was obvious– who better to guide wayward companions through that liminal state between Homelessness and Home Forever than a pair of eccentrics who know all too well what it feels like to live in limbo, trapped between adulthood and self-actualization?

So then I started up this blog, to share stories about our experiences together, these homeless creatures and the two of us. And as I grow and evolve, so does this space. It’s mostly about dogs, though other animals have a place in our hearts, and therefore this blog, as well. I write about pets in entertainment and the entertainment of sharing life with pets.

Enjoy the journey.

About The Creator

Seventh Bard is an artistic pseudonym for someone whose name is actually Kimberleigh. She is something of an enigma, though we hear tell she weaves her dark mysteries from a secret lair on the moon. The rest of the time, she hangs out in Northern England.  She is a creative sort with an eclectic collection of interests and talents, and should you desire to see a portfolio of her other work you can peruse her personal website, Bowl of Serial.


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